Mass Derive Saturday 24th June ’06

A collective derive is to take place on Saturday 24th June 2006.

The original idea was that people should do a walk and observe whatever happens along the way, objects, incidents etc. Attempt to sensitize ourselves to the environment in different ways, to find the poetic within the banal and so on. In Communique 1 we suggested that people decide (and maybe develop?) a method for finding a starting point, possibly based on chance. We have pushed this idea a bit and hope this grabs your interest.

There are 3 basic ways to decide on your starting point, desire, repulsion and chance.

1. Point of Desire. The poetic place, the appointed place, place of dreams, memories of love etc.

2. Zone of Repulsion. Wherever seems inimical to poetry, love or life itself.

3. Place of Chance. A place decided upon by chance, possibly somewhere to which one is indifferent and would not have chosen except by chance. Any means of invoking chance could be good, dice, cards, sticking pins in maps, invent a method or improve on a known method.

To conduct the derive:

1. Having decided on a starting point, go there either alone or with some friends;

2. Follow these directions: second right, second left, first right;

3. Repeat these directions until you reach a dead end and/or have had enough;

4. Record method of choosing a starting point and your thoughts, dreams, desires, impressions, observations along the way, using pen, paper, cameras, video or just your memory as you prefer.

5. We will assemble at 6pm to compare notes and experiences in various places (according to geographical location) – to be specified later.

Results should be collected together and sent to the LSG at We plan to collate the experiences from the Mass Derive and they will form the basis of a future publication. Derives are currently planned in London and the Medway Towns. If you are intending to organise one in your own area, please do let us know.

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