The Street of Shades

An enquiry proposed by Philip Kane (London Surrealist Group). Responses requested by 17th September 2006, either by email to, or by post to Philip Kane, c/o Mezzanine, Box 13, Baggins Book Bazaar, 19 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1PY, UK. This enquiry is intended to be part of a longer-term project, which will include eventual publication of responses.

We come and go, but the ghosts remain, always on the fringes of consciousness, the detritus of the past. They watch and maybe they are waiting, but for what, for whom? We cannot know them, we who are still creatures of flesh and bone and blood. It has been suggested that a percentage of the people we see in the streets are no longer alive, but are phantoms who choose (or are condemned) to still walk among the living. It is quite possible that I have seen a ghost this morning, exchanged greetings; that the ghosts remain as much a part of life as we who still live.

1. Under what conditions might you be able to believe in the existence of ghosts?

2. What evidence do you have for the existence or non-existence of ghosts?

3. What might the world of ghosts be like?

4. How might ghosts be born? How might they die?

5. In what ways may ghosts experience love? In what ways may they experience desire?

6. Were you to become a ghost, where and/or who would you choose to haunt?

7. What relationship may ghosts have with memory?

8. What relationship may ghosts have with the world of the living?

9. Is it necessary to seek the liberation of ghosts and, if so, from what? How might this be achieved?


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