Collective poem Feb 16th

In wretched silicon ecstasy.Alongside courgettes of the municipal dynasty-

Powered by Rubies-Between reptilian digits.The mistress of necessity is licking my Salmon Sundance boldlyCoxcomb of territorial abuse.

My croquet cheesecake suckles upon a trident missile.

Imbecility is the solitary pursuit of phalanx-

Number 8 of –

Blood oranges.

There is a sphere of blind eyes that-

Full of puss and tears, store at the crapulous sun-

That is made of poets bones.

I know nothing more than a fragmentation of Love.

Awaken the Monolithic memories absorbed in velvet–

Which encompasses the cacti that strangles the tongue.

Her insane delight fled the ship of fools.

by Mercedes, Stuart, Darren, Philip and Jane.


~ by londonsurrealistgroup on March 14, 2007.

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