Fitfully awake: Darren Thomas


We stole

In the king’s mouth

Freed from all restraint

The lip of light

We drank                                  Your wretched honey

                                                  Cooled in the lava

                                                 Impossible secret

                                             Etched in paper kisses

                                              And silvery gangrene


We hung

In the hosts chamber

Dragged from priceless ship of plenty

She sang in blood

He danced in sea anemones

We made the lilac the rope

To hang our kisses from

                                                    My supple witch

                                                   In your schoolgirl armour

                                                  Stripped of innocence

                                                  So painfully awake

                                                  Yet you sleep in your cradle

Thorn                                         Without knowing

We share

Locked in our private auditorium

Torn to pieces by eyes

Dipped in sulphur

I dive in to love

You burst in to flames

All for all in liminal bliss                           

                                                      You broken doll-promise

                                                                     Cancer kiss

                                                                     Whipped frozen slave

                                                                     Always absent in my presence

                                                                     Alive to no one

                                                                     Yet my desire is held hostage

Torch we shared                                                                  

In the cloven hand of the other

Until street silence

We keep the tears and stars there

Fitfully awake

Watching for dreams                                                        Darren Thomas   07



~ by londonsurrealistgroup on May 20, 2007.

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