Right back at the house – DARREN THOMAS 07

Right back at the house

We knew the faded little breath

In her breast pocket

Try and capture

What it means

Stunning, white

In clouds

It’s got to be the first place they look


Ringing in our ears

Targets everywhere

Pinions of whispered dreams

Silver marches in Jade’s backyard

The doll in pieces again

Sailboat slivers

The fingerprints on the tusk

Hanging through scream stealing

Before waking


And you send me spinning

Replete with dark plenty

Made a bed or two

Flinging the dinner plates through the air

Park side abandon


Dear to be doorways

You had better turn out the lights

His majesty might see the shine


Sinking in half a twilight

Food we ate in the tree outside

They found the car

Shoulder all gashed

Murder minded bird inscape

You leave me hurt in have-not heaven

Skip a beat

Token gas

Whip my priests

She’s hidden the magic numbers

Quick leaves


Right back at the house




~ by londonsurrealistgroup on June 6, 2007.

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