Trick – D THOMAS


Sent back in cradle time

Honey about us

The lives we knew in lead

The shape of a figure 8

My eyes filled to the brim with ghosts

And we made the laughter from a million hidden sources

Part giraffe, part steel

Bellow like wine

All the insect hordes of wretched misery

Took my thorns and saved their armour for dog days


You who link the sun to the grave

I arch my back to your wolf stone

Each care is a scaffold

I write my crawling name upon

And my unseemly writ

Candles the mud of hope

Brimming with glint of blood

The arch promise of love

Everything you deem sacred



All your fleeting plans

The whole armada of positions

Cave in

Their inky innocence

Squashed by the flies of plenty

And you would only go back

If you could take a mirror

I told you sweetly

I held the curtains open

I saved you nightly

Yet the hole in time

Could never admit our motives





~ by londonsurrealistgroup on June 28, 2007.

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