In bottles unlabelled – D THOMAS


Cold from thought

Exposed on the tramlines

That lead to several declarations

Of hope

They murdered my footsteps

Tore down the ghosts

Trial of failed shapes

The pleasure of fingertips

A plate of eels


White stare

Wisp of sympathy


Near the sheen of marble

The dungeon he keeps

Leaves cast in curses

Dread fill the cup

Each all at once

Never with beaten

Keys of pine

The day before yesterday

The trail leads

Mud in moon deep

Apple cask

Set beside the burly soul


Sea savage


Clipped in blade sleep


Certain of the dew spirit

He laid the books

End to end

They made me lick the pages

Half the ash caught

Dared fortunate

Pull to keep safe

And stroke the silken air


Before the chamber

Last wave cage behind

Not if the notes press

Seek to blind

Explain more easily


The ice thin

Gossamer promise

Diamond etched


We beat

They tried to save us

In bottles




~ by londonsurrealistgroup on August 22, 2007.

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