Drunk with anticipation madly


Sweet pain

Rosary chain

Hateful brim of sleep

Can be eaten

Standing up

Staring west

Across the rooftops

Plunged in light

My easy killing

My dice with sherbet tongue

My displaced wish

You wrong me

In laughter

You leave me in mourning


Your taste of poppies

Stings my compromise

And thoughts of winter

Lifts us to the scaffold


On horseback

Swapping the shine of the moon

With strangers

Lovely nothings

We spoke plainly

In whispers

Dreadful panic

He swore

She bled

We caught in wet traps again

He moved slowly

She fled


A trail of pities

Compressed in white butterflies

So the pyre

Would collapse inwards


Fed the spider legs

With chocolate

Buttered almonds

Nocturnal we spoke

Setting mystery aside

In pieces

Holding steadfast

To our peony rope

Finishing the game

Without even touching the rules

Washed in shadow

Drunk with anticipation





~ by londonsurrealistgroup on September 4, 2007.

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