Sleeping horizon – Darren Thomas (For M)

In the starfish light

Under my window:

Your hands,

Gloving my shifting


Trickling in the time of honey,

Reflecting my eyes


Wishing with the waves.

I save the petals

Of your kiss

To keep me warm

In my waking,

To perfume

The lonely hours:

As keepsake

And talisman.

In the glass labyrinth

You see me see you.

I will be there

Planting blood-soaked forests,

Collecting ghosts,

Making maps in the shadow land.

I raise your monument of smiles,

I taste the fingers slowly,

I emerge from your whispering cocoon.

Outside the day

We kill the death of death;

Each naked caress,

Lost in the secret ceremony

Of hands;

Gloves strewn in fading tatters,


On anonymous beaches:

Washed up

You kidnap

The snakeskin

In the twilight,

Whilst I fill the boat

With dreams;

Our feathered voyage

(The envy of sirens),

Your Sleeping horizon

Dissolved in mine.

~ by londonsurrealistgroup on October 15, 2007.

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