Ask Alfred Hicklebaum

Ask Alfred Hicklebaum
In this game the group, Philip, Stuart, Jane, Jill, Sara, Vika, Tim and Constantine used Philip’s latest publication, The Hicklebaum Papers, as a basis for exploration. Each of us connected ‘Alfred Hickelbaum’ with a randomly chosen object that had been placed on the table, then we chose an equally random passage from the book.
Chopsticks: the great artistic political tragedy of Hicklebaum’s life, called forth the Indifferent Trout, holding the nylon lamp high in search of affairs.
Knock knock, help – let me in. As the brass hand knocker heralded the period leading up to Britain’s first International Surrealist Exhibition held in London in 1936, proved disastrous for Hicklebaum’s relations with the surrealist movement. This was felt by the woollen glove used to gain access to the New Burlington Galleries in Burlington Gardens from the 11th June until the 4th July.
Hicklebaum felt he should try something new, so clasping a solitary found earring he was soon starting to do experiments of his own. It is apparent that Hicklebaum, still interested in Occultism had been reading Austin Osman Spare. So taking the tin of face paint he went in search of E. Nesbit who was usually surrounded by younger men, now her husband Hubert Bland was equally fond of younger women.
The hand pointed to the possibility that he suffered from profound depression, possibly of an even more severe mental illness, however Hicklebaum considered how little is known about Benjamin’s wife Elisa, except that she held tightly to her dung beetle in a bottle. The portable purple light flashed its light strategically onto the dolls head driving it to cling tenuously to the natal chart as all is explained, he was born on the 17th of June 1858 under the sign of Taurus the bull.


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