Off with their heads!


That was the cry heard as Charles and Camilla, members of a royal family that is the highest living embodiment of wealth and privilege, rolled provocatively through the ranks of student protestors as if in a gilded carriage.

Predictable outrage followed from loyal politicians and media as they competed to kowtow the lowest before the sacred principle of monarchy.

As a Surrealist, on the other hand, I take up the cry: yes, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Let’s decapitate all the symbols of power and privilege. From the crowned heads to the servile lying politicians and the wealthy elite; to the media that crawls and slobbers at their feet; to the institutions of their state; to the repressive apparatus of their laws, their religion, their police, their military; to their supine culture, their art, and the ugly statues of an ugly bourgeoisie.

The student protests at the end of 2010 may well be merely the harbingers of an even bigger movement, one that will be just as enraged, just as militant, but which will spread wider throughout society.

We should recognise that all such movements, even those that have sought to break the tragic continuum of history, begin from a position of defending that which is – so will fight to defend the right to education in its present form, the right to healthcare in its present form, and so on. This is something understandable and I declare unequivocally that I stand shoulder to shoulder with every student and every worker who engages in those battles.

Surrealism is a revolutionary challenge to the reality principle of our existing society, and revolutionaries must ultimately be judged by their actions rather than by their words. Those who declare revolutionary aims, without engaging in the actualities of the struggle as it is, are merely revolutionaries in rhetoric and not in deed. We should all participate in each demonstration, in each occupation, in each strike, in each fight to defend jobs, services and communities.

Yet, how quickly a genuine movement passes beyond such limits. How quickly a movement can begin to dream of a better world and seek to make the dream their new reality. A new world is born within the shell of the old world.

Surrealists demand the transformation of everyday life through poetic practice, a return en masse to the spiritual mainspring of human existence; a profound and revolutionary reawakening of the human imagination, in the cause of absolute liberation. As the tens of thousands, and perhaps eventually millions, begin to question the very nature of that which is, as they begin to tear at the fabric of the reality principle, the Surrealists will be among them, dreaming, fighting, and giving birth to the vivid flowers of revolution.

Philip Kane


~ by londonsurrealistgroup on March 18, 2011.

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  1. I take it that you were responsible for this then?

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