Questions and answers

by Philip Kane

Why do clouds cover the sun?
Because it is too symmetrical for the eye to bear.

Why do rivers run?
Because they embody an ideal form.

What is the meaning in a bowl of stones?
The essence of a private conversation.

Where do bees go in the winter?
They conceal themselves in a bottle of ink.

What lies beyond the moment of death?
A sybaritic courtesan.

Where do dreams come from?
They act as a beacon for distressed mariners.

What is behind the smile of a rabbit?
An empty valise.

How high can a tree grow?
High enough to conceal itself.

If the sea could speak, what would it say?
It would tell the story of a heathen with sadness at his heels.

Where did all the Surrealists go?
To live among horses on a lonely road.

How can I learn the secret names of things?
By the mixing of unusual fluids.

What really flows through the veins of leaves?
The art and sound of musketry.

Why is the sky blue?
Because it is trifoliate.

What is in the heart of the labyrinth?
A murderer’s instincts.

How are ships put into bottles?
They are lured in by lewd behaviour.

How was the world created?
By the contraction of its tissues.

Why do snakes coil?
Because they are made of coarse canvas.

Why do the cables hum between electricity pylons?
Because the fruiterer neglected his stock, and it decayed.

How can the future be divined?
By sucking it through a proboscis.


~ by londonsurrealistgroup on September 8, 2011.

One Response to “Questions and answers”

  1. gli alberi sono nudi
    e mangiare la luce
    non hanno pietà
    per una sigaretta

    the trees are naked
    and eat the light
    they have no mercy
    for a cigarette

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