In praise of smoke and mirrors………An interview with Alice

An interview we conducted last night with Alice, held inside the crown, through the words of Rikki Ducornet, via The Stain.
How do you Alice, feel about being released?
Like ‘a lady ape exploring the cracked lino with a pin’ However only after several minutes of scrutiny does she recognize the exorcist.
So Alice, what makes you happiest?
‘receiving the sun.’
What makes you sad?
‘the thoughts of these true spirits’
Why do the true spirits make you sad Alice?
because the are ‘animated by Beelzebub.’
What are the true spirits?
What are the monsters Alice?
Why does matter hurt you Alice?
because it is ‘peppered with iron filings’
How do the iron fillings manage to hurt you?
because ‘there are no foxes here, no birds, no wild roses or fields of wheat.’
Alice, don’t you like my fox?
‘Despite her deformity she is blessed with a definite dignity.’
Alice, how do you intend to spend the rest of your life?
‘wipe the dust’.
Alice where do you want to go?
To ‘peace and fortune’
In your mind, what would make you feel fortunate?
‘Their soul’s shinning as suns’
How will our souls shine Alice?
‘I know my lessons too well, and I must learn humility’.
What will get in the way of humility Alice?
‘do you want to play?’
What shall we play Alice?
‘I’ll have you both burned for sorcery’
Alice, what do you think of our games?
Alice; where is truth?
‘it’s in the morning, noon, evening and night.’
And What? is truth Alice?
‘an insoluble puzzle’
And what would you most like us to give you?
‘The dinner scraps’

~ by londonsurrealistgroup on November 15, 2011.

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