I Open An Underground Map To See Us


I claim the right to remain silent

because the Arab Spring is the Green Man wriggling through an ocean of car headlamps

because the green ponies of Alice are riding the intricate veins of clouds

and because your hands are a truancy of fish, this daybreak your delicate fingers
raised themselves
from my morning cup of tea

Because your mouth is a doorway to a universe of exploding crystal
even now, as you sleep
I am found and lost within you
your eyes, two pathways to a single point
I move the pillow without waking you — you
so enormous, so miniature
so without me
so waiting
and so complete

There’s a crying baby in a rooster’s mouth
and a neighbor singing opera
and we are slow-dancing, like trees

I awoke tomorrow next to a beautiful woman
we eat bread in a velveteen breeze
and an hour later, we will make breakfast

your eyes are full of angels
your lips will be such a festival of fruit

yet I claim the right to remain silent
I open an underground map to see us.

~ by londonsurrealistgroup on November 16, 2011.

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