Let us

YOU saw it protruding from an earthen sole that once melded with soil

We followed the demands of the whimsical chaos of wind and bestia lascivio

to reach the pointed end
the x
the spot

To burrow our way to the centre of the earth and come out the other side

a small prize is found
always left by your almighty unknowing kindness

Let us climb your legs
clamber over your bones
use your skin
and wrap you within us

TBL 271111


~ by londonsurrealistgroup on November 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Let us”

  1. Red lips on the grass.

    I brought the berries home with me
    and a vision of the oak, King Oak, pointing everywhere at once, and the trunk not moving
    two leaves blowing moving upwards
    past the shadow remains of a bird’s nest
    a fallen branch with swan’s neck
    the palest flowers sway their tiny church bells
    the birds call me back
    to look at a brown elf’s hat next to a leaf drying into the finest silvery web
    it means death is leaving a calling card

    Swan — wrap your dark wings all around me.

  2. It’s mummy time
    on a mummy day
    I’m sitting at a mummy table
    drinking mummy tea

    People are waking up in mummy Egypt
    and mummy unions are preparing mummy strikes

    Mummy trees have mummy branches
    and mummy branches have mummy leaves
    and rabbits
    and squirrels

    My mummy is in her mummy bed
    inside a mummy hospital
    I hope she gets mummy well soon

    mummy mummy mummy
    how I love my mummy

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