About The London Surrealist Group

As the name suggests, the London Surrealist Group is a surrealist group based in and around London. It was founded in January 2004 after several months of discussions among the founder members.

The London Surrealist Group collaborates with other groups and individuals within the international surrealist movement. We adhere to the principles of surrealism as first expressed in Breton’s Manifestos and seek, not a nostalgic reliving of surrealism’s past, but the embodiment of those principles in relevant, fresh and vital forms of expression.

We are not an art or a literary movement, nor indeed a political movement, although we are active in those fields. We consider political revolution and social transformation to be wholly necessary for the future of humanity, but also the revolution of the imagination fused with social reality. That is what surrealism is at a fundamental level.

We publish a magazine, Arcturus, and a free monthly bulletin, Communique. Anybody wishing to subscribe to either of these should write to us at: londonsurrealist@gmail.com

We also have a yahoo email list. If you are interested in online discussions of surrealism please look at:


5 Responses to “About The London Surrealist Group”

  1. “We consider political revolution and social transformation to be wholly necessary for the future of humanity, but also the revolution of the imagination fused with social reality.” hello, from the australian surrealist poets group of one, beating with a dali heart,

  2. I see surrealism in my hands. In term of what I imagine and what I touch. There is a link in what goes beyond and in what is forward; in term of the soul that no one can put chain.


    For me, Surrealism is about two things: Liberation and Exploration.

    Explore, with complete freedom, the far reaches of one’s imagination, dreams and desires. Question. Experiment. Create. Collaborate. Explore what is hidden in the shadows of the subconscious. Explore the irrational, the mysterious and the spontaneous. Lift stones and investigate whole worlds of life that exist, underneath the surface, where the average person rarely takes the time to look. Celebrate the marvelous elements of everyday life. Notice the clouds in the sky. Notice the enormity of our Universe. Notice the peeling paint on a wall and how it somehow resembles a magnificent, abstract work of art. Notice the display inside a shop window and how the figures and arrangement, when looked at through fresh eyes, form a mysterious image, like a painting by De Chirico. Transform everyday objects into works of art. Spend each day as if it is your first twenty-four hours on earth, as if you are seeing everything for the first time. Take a walk, or drive, or train ride, with no plan or schedule. Wherever life leads you, absorb, discover and celebrate. Delve deep. Reach far. Try to touch the very core of one’s self, in its purest form, the way it was at the moment of birth – raw, primal and innocent – unaffected by the external world and its influences. Explore!

    Liberate one’s self from any tradition that oppresses the freedom of the individual. Question everything! If organized religion has taught you to repress your primal dreams and desires, and to feel shame and fear – discard it as if it is the plague! If a government has told you that it is heroic to die for one’s country, and acceptable to kill others in a time of war – disassociate yourself from that nation! Art is about bringing individuals together, to explore and to create, not to murder and destroy. If a teacher has discouraged your creativity and pressured you to write or paint or think following a certain tradition – no longer trust that professor! If a job is taking all of your time and energy, preventing you from exploring and creating – quit that job! Find another way to earn a living! Question everything! Do only what is right for you and your pursuit of the marvelous. Liberate your imagination and desires!

    Todd Bash

  4. Surrealist greetings!
    Has your email address changed recently, by any chance? I tried the one listed above a couple of times but the message got bounced back…

  5. Very creative, one of the nicer sites I have seen today. Keep up the great work

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