Some questions and answers

What is the best way to stuff a cherry with an ant?                                                                                  It is a noose of snakeskin.

What is the definition of surrealism?                                                                                                       It’s a double bass on fire in a ventriloquist’s dummy’s mouth.

What is the pleasure of sleeping?                                                                                                             The obvious result of breeding trains in captivity.

What is the duration of a poem’s life?                                                                                                       A blowfly charred by the embers of despoiled Troy.

What is lonelier than the sound of bagpipes at the Winter Solstice?                                               Cogwheels, sticking plaster and whelks.

What is a diamond worth?                                                                                                                       As far as anyone is concerned, the clouds tell the tale.

Stuart Inman, Jane Sparkes, Philip Kane, Darren Thomas, Frank Antonsen, Diane Eva

~ by londonsurrealistgroup on July 16, 2007.

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